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柏斯華人浸信會 (Perth Chinese Baptist Church) 的前身是隸屬於柏斯浸信會(Perth Baptist Church) 的華人事工,於1995年4月2日開始第一次崇拜,並於1996年4月註冊成為獨立的教會,初期仍在柏斯浸信會內聚會。

教會初期的異象是服侍說廣東話的華人,幫助他們認識福音,在基督裡進深成長。在張順傳道 (Pastor Andrew Teo) 帶領下,招聚一群青年留學生,一同敬拜, 教會得以發展;後來有多個家庭加入,教會逐漸穩定下來。

1999年底,張順傳道離職,前往美國牧會;當時教會亦遷移到北橋區 (Northbridge) 的雙盛學院 (Swan College) 聚會,由資深的澳洲浸信會牧者艾愛華牧師 (Rev Garth Eichhorn) 以部份時間任職,牧養會眾。藉著神的恩典,教會能繼續她的異象,向柏斯的華人傳福音。

教會在2003年遷移到柏斯火車總站上層的城市社區中心 (Citiplace Community Centre) 聚會,直到如今。

2005年2月,何國駒傳道 (Rev Stephen Ho) 履任,牧養教會。2006年4月,教會慶祝成立十周年。2009年9月,全教會推動標竿人生40天活動,與會眾一起思想人生目的和追求屬靈生命成長。2011 年12月,何牧師因健康緣故,提前退休。


2016年5月,陳麗芳傳道 (Pastor Lai Fong Chan) 一家到達柏斯,陳傳道履任爲教會牧者。陳傳道於2018年9月離任。 因著愛主教會的緣故,資深牧者和退休宣教士仍然繼續在講台上餵養。牧者們用生命去見證神,成為本會各人的激勵!在過往廿多年, 教會都在柏斯的市中心聚會, 招聚華人加入教會這個大家庭, 幫助他們認識神, 並在基督裡成長。

The Perth Chinese Baptist Church Inc. started as the Chinese Ministry under the Perth Baptist Church on 2 April 1995. The church incorporated a year later in April 1996. The mission of the church is to serve the Cantonese speaking people in Perth sharing with them the gospel and supporting them to reach maturity in Christ. Under the leadership of a young pastor, Andrew Teo, the church has attracted many overseas students. Many of them have converted to Christianity and the church has grown. With God’s grace, the church was further strengthened by the addition of families. In a few years time the church became better established financially and in human resources.

At the end of 1999, Pastor Andrew Teo left for another pastoral position in USA. At the same time, the church left the premises at PBC and worshipped at the Swan College at Northbridge. Rev Garth Eichhorn, a well-experienced Australian Baptist pastor, was appointed on a part-time basis to nurture the young church. By the grace of God, the church continued reaching out to the Cantonese speaking people in Perth.

In 2003, the church moved to the Citiplace Community Centre located on the concourse of the Perth Train Station and has worshipped there since.

In February 2005, Pastor Stephen Ho took up the pastoral position and served in the church. The church had its 10th anniversary celebration in April 2006. In September 2009, the church launched the Purpose-Driven Life 40 Days Campaign, challenging the congregation to commit themselves to discover God’s purpose for their lives. In December 2011, Rev Ho retired from the church due to health reasons.

From 2012 to 2015, while waiting on God's providence for a new pastor, God sent experienced pastors and retired missionaries to help pastoring the church with His Word every Sunday.

In May 2016, Pastor Lai Fong Chan and her family migrated to Perth, and Ps Chan took up the pastoral position of the church. In September 2018, Ps Chan left PCBC

Since its establishment, Perth Chinese Baptist Church has always been a city church that welcomes people into the family of God and helps them grow into maturity in Christ.


Citiplace Community Centre

Upper Level Walkway,

City Station Complex,

Corner Barrack & Wellington St. 





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